If you've listened to my radio show (www.davechampionshow.com) you know that Income Tax: Shattering The Myths is not just a book; it is a message and a cause. Although the book is about the income tax, the ramifications of its conclusions are far more sweeping. The information contained within this book can begin the process of setting America back on its proper path.

The best way to spread the word is to get Income Tax: Shattering The Myths into the hands of those who speak to thousands - or millions - on a daily basis. This description is predominantly radio personalities, but may include TV or print personalities as well. I believe that once these "opinion shapers" hear the message they will gladly help us spread the word.

Because I am not wealthy I cannot afford to print and give away thousands of copies of Income Tax: Shattering The Myths (as much as I'd love to do so). I have set a per-book price ($30.00) that covers the costs of printing, shipping, and handling of Income Tax: Shattering The Myths and does not provide any profit to me. All you need to do is to select one or more of the Notables from the list below and provide your payment. The book will be sent to each Notable you select and the Notables will be informed that a patriotic American has spent his hard earned money to purchase Income Tax: Shattering The Myths for the Notable. The package will also contain contact information for conducting an interview with me. Between your contribution and mine, I firmly believe that we can spread the word and restore this nation. THANK YOU!

Kirby Wilbur Peter Weissbach Dave Ross
Gerry Doyle Michael Savage Radley Balko
Vox Day Amy Alkon Joseph Mercola
Dr. Steve Sjuggerud Jerry Doyle Joseph Farah
Don Feder Phyllis Schlafly James Dobson
Don Wildmon Dick Bott Michael Farris
Phillip Jauregui Matt Staver John Fund
Erick Erickson Bobby Eberle Neil Bortz
Mike Huckabee Sara Palin Ralph Bristol
James Traficant Jesse Ventura Declan McCullagh
Jim Puplava John Loeffler Jeffrey P. Pino
Ilia Alekseev Louis Chenevert Richard Blumenthal
Susan Bysiewicz Jodi Rell Gerald Celente
Eric King James Dines Gary Franchi
Matthew Bracken Steve Malzberg Mike Gallagher
Tom Sullivan Dennis Prager Laura Schlessinger
Howie Carr Laura Ingraham Janet Parshall
Michael Medved Lars Larson Mark Belling
Jay Severin Ben Furguson Paul Crespo
Erich "Mancow" Muller Bill Cunningham Michael A. Smerconish
Mark Dice Devvy Kidd Shelley Wynter
G. Gordon Liddy Tammy Bruce Roger Hedgecock
Dennis Miller Jason Lewis Lou Dobbs
Fred Thompson Phil Valentine Todd Schnitt
Larry Elder Eric Dondero Dr. Stanley Monteith
Martha Montelongo-Myers Chuck Morse Jack Murphy
Brian Nelson Erskine Payton Lowell Ponte
Ken Prazak Richard Quigley Jim Quinn
Deborah Ray Paul Richards Joyce Riley
Lee Rodgers Brett Rosen Murray Sabrin
Glenn J. Sacks Serena Sharp Lloyd Sloan
Doug Stephan Marc Stevens Jack Stockwell
Gregg "Uncle Nasty" Stone Rick "Big Rick" Stuart Charles Sykes
Doug "The Greaseman" Tracht Tim Tuttle Dave von Kleist
Eric von Haessler Larry Wachs Jim Walsh
Jeff Ward Joe Weeks Brian Weigand
Jeff Weinstein Alan Wilcox Brian Wilson
John Wrisley Barry Young Paula Young
John Ziegler Michael Reagan Don Imus
Howard Stern Marc Davis Lew Rockwell
Michelle Malkin Jeff Rense Ian Bernard
Alan Colmes Bill Dupray & Clyde Middleton Dan Carlin

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